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Hemant Sir

Mr. HK Siddhanttam (President & CEO)

Congratulation for Being the Part of Network Marketing, which is going to become “The Future Creator of India - the largest population of the world by 2030”.

You, as the Networker will play the most significant role in “Transforming Youth India into Young Indian Entrepreneurs” by being the part of our Visionary Mission “Enterprising Youth - Enterprising India”. By the year 2030, you will be recognized as one of the honorable entrepreneurs of India. Our society will be proud of you and our network marketing industry. You have started your journey at the right time as the Mission Herbal Distributor (MHD) to promote and aware about our most noble and the need of the day – “Herbal Living-Healthy Living Abhiyaan”.

In Our Country "India", Network Marketing Business is going to become the highly acceptable “Solution for Employment”. Network Marketing will become the Backbone of the Indian Economy Till 2030. We are here in The Network Marketing with The Major Objectives to make it the most acceptable and Honorable Industry of India.

We will achieve our long - term industry objective through our long-term-vision “Herbal Living-Healthy Living Abhiyaan”. We have developed an innovative business strategy known as “Frugana Tiple Business Plan” to achieve this great vision by developing “Self-Employable Skills of all our Mission Herbal Distributors (MHD)” through our highly effective training academy- Frugana Founders Academy & Frugana Academy of Women Empowerment.

It is not only for you as an individual butals of or your third generation. It is the most acceptable business plan with a higher profitability in the Indian Direct Selling Industry. This plan focuses on the Financial Freedom & Health Fitness of the common people of India. We have the well proven strategy to develop entrepreneurs from the Rural India by “Enterprising Youth - Enterprising India”. It has the major goals and mission to establish Ayurveda Health Centre in each and every block of India to provide better health & nutrition counseling along with an international quality product at affordable prices by justifying the value for money for our users. The complete business plan focuses on the stability and growth of all the Business Leaders and all our associates.

Network Marketing will become the highest employment generating business model for the Indian population by 2030.

The 90% of the Indian population will accept this business as their Plan “A” Career opportunity because our Indian Education system has produced students with Employee Mindsets, and the govt. job vacancy is not sufficient in India or Indian Govt. Policy, everything has become contractual with high level of skills with lower wages and job insecurity which have already been proved during COVID-19 Lockdown.

Wish you all the most honorable career,
Mr. HK Siddhanttam
President & CEO